Suriname Indigenous Health Fund (SIHF)


Project Team:

Sarah Augustine and Dan Peplow are co-directors of Suriname Indigenous Health Fund, which they established in 2005. The purpose of SIHFund is to provide indigenous people in Suriname's interior region with the materials and technical support they need to self-diagnose the effects of development, resource extraction, gold mining, and pollution from gold-mining on the health of their communities and their environment.

Daniel Peplow, Ph.D Sarah Augustine, MA

Dan‘s background is in microbiology, zoology, and public health. He received his Ph.D. in Ecotoxicology at the University of Washington. His doctoral research focused on Environmental Toxicology. He worked at the American Embassy in Suriname where he served as environmental advisor, studied the impacts of mercury from gold mining on environmental and public health, and studied the contribution of science to the formation of U.S. foreign policy. Currently, he is assistant affiliate professor in the College of the Environment (Formerly Forest Resources) at the University of Washington.

Sarah is a Sociologist and community organizer.  She received her graduate education at the University of Washington Department of Sociology,and at Antioch University in the Whole Systems Design Program.  She received mediation training at Lumbard Mennonite Peace Center.  Her graduate studies focused on conflict transformation, community driven research and intervention, research methods, macro-sociology and social movements.  She is experienced in instrument development and qualitative methods.  A trained mediator, Sarah has worked with grass-roots organizations and NGOs in striving to become racially-just organizations.